An expression of nature spoken through luxury

Its location, history, and surrounding at Casa Kunda’vi, absolutely everything points to be nature’s best and luxury’s finest. An authentic haven conceived to become a transformative experience where your lifestyle lives in harmony with a captivating untamed environment.





Centuries ago, when the history of humankind approached its first millennium, while China was discovering the gunpowder and the crusades started to point toward Jerusalem, in the territories of the actual Oaxaca the biggest and most important kingdom was at its highpoint: the reign of the Mixtec landlord Ocho Venado Garra de Jaguar, who with his fierce temper, combined with his magnificent skill as a strategist, unite the people of the mountain, coast, and valley under his authority.

During the pinnacle of his dominion, Ocho Venado Garra de Jaguar decided to look for a haven inside his kingdom boundaries that allow him to rejoice in all the wealth that he had accumulated.

Guided by his most loyal butlers and advisers, he went to the shore, toward a mystical site known only in legends, a place where the sky descended to earth awaiting for the most generous and free in spirit nobles, the only worthy to find it.

One night, after exploring the unspoiled beaches of his reign, Ocho Venado Garra de Jaguar reached the shore of the Laguna de Manialtepec, at the place where an arm of water joined the sea.

There, while observing the starry night, he felt a divine whisper which made him turn the look to the Laguna, revealing to his eyes an astonishing spectacle.

In what appeared to be a cosmic dance, tiny lights twinkle through the calm waters of the Laguna. At last, the Mixtec king founded the legendary haven where the sky descended.

Ocho Venado Garra de Jaguar established there his more intimate and luxury palace, conscious of the privilege that meant to be where the moon, yoo; sun, ndikaandii; sea, nduta ñuu; and rain, diavui, joined to invite the firmament toward the land, creating by this union the most valuable element in universe: kunda’vi, love. 

Today, a thousand years after, our villa lies on the foundation where the greatest Mixtec ruler once erected the legacy of his nobility, next to the astral mirror known nowadays as the bioluminescent phenomenon in the Laguna de Manialtepec, the site that guards the most important treasure of his reign, the place where Kunda’vi inhabits.

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Architecture & Design

Casa Kunda’vi is an exquisite homage to Puerto Escondido, with the essence of the mountain sauntering through its wall, the wildness of the jungle resounding in its woods, and the balmy coastal breeze flowing as a whisper by its corridors. A deluxe flagship of the incipient tropical-chic style of Puerto.

Conceived by Raúl and Julio Fernández as a construction build upon the best and most iconic elements of its environment, just as the magnificent and strong fierrillo wood or the distinctive and warm dry palm leaves, creating a stylish expression of the traditional beach palapas that generate a comfortable location ideal to unwind.

The carefully planned design of the property allows you to relate with nature as far as you desire, at first, with undivided spaces created to fuse their horizons with postcard-worthy landscapes, secondly, by setting lavish features across the entire villa which pair superbly with the finest attributes of nature.




Once called La Escondida, Puerto Escondido rises as the destination with the highest growth of the Pacific. What for decades was acknowledged as a small fisherman town, is now turning to be a distinguished surfer haven.

A paradisiacal hot spot for the best surfers of the planet, with the so-called Mexican Pipeline, Zicatela, which is known as one of the top beaches in the world for surfing and for hosting the mellow nightlife of Puerto. Other beaches like Punta Zicatela or Carrizalillo have position as a perfect setting for family gatherings and surf beginners.

With a superlative gastronomy, thanks to its privileged location at the shore in one of the pillar estates of the internationally awarded Mexican cuisine, such as Oaxaca, and with an array of stunning landscapes, result of the marvelous balance between its mountains, cliffs, beaches, and jungle, Puerto Escondido combines only the greatest for travelers eager for pleasure and adventure.




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