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Our Service

· Accommodation for 24 guests.
· 3 meals per person per day (fresh local food like fish,
seafood, meat, pasta, and salad).
· Purified water.
· 1 mezcal bottle of the house.
· Fresh coco water from our palm tree forest.
· Light snacks (coconut, peanuts, carrots, jicama, fruits and vegetables).
· A daily trip to Puerto Escondido for supplies.
· Turndown service.
· Barman-waiter-pool supervisor.
· Airport transfers.

Available upon

Request with

Extra Charge

·Transportation to Puerto Escondido.
· Extra alcoholic beverages.
· Special food, such as giant shrimp, oysters, lobsters, fine-cuts,
fine cheeses, caviar, etc. 
· Any other particular requirements.

Terms & Conditions

50% of the accommodation must be paid at reservation and the other 50% must be credit card granted. High season requires 100% upfront.  Some services may be available only at specific seasons.


For safety and comfort